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Be sure to include your web address on these suggested locations. Get creative! Any place your web address can be made visible to the public will mean increased traffic to YOUR site!

Web address (also known as “url”, or “uniform resource locator”) on business card! (As simple as this sounds, it is often overlooked)

  • Letterhead AND envelopes
  • Personal brochures about you and your company
  • Your resume
  • Do you send a newsletter to your clients (either email or in print)? Include your web address!
  • Add your web address to the signature tag of all email messages (no matter to whom they are sent – friends, family, colleagues, etc.)
  • At the end of your voice mail/answering machine message (i.e., “and be sure to visit my website at”. Just be sure to change “yourdomain” to YOUR actual domain name!)
  • Fax cover sheets (many people forget this one!)
  • Flyer on free local bulletin boards (grocery stores, discount chain stores, shopping malls, laundromats, dry cleaners, etc.) print a flyer on bright yellow paper detailing your web address and your company. BE SURE to include your email address as well as your telephone number! Tack the flyer to bulletin boards all over your town. Keep a supply in your car for handy access.
  • Magnetic car signs (many office supply companies will make these for you at a very reasonable rate)
  • Neighborhood directories
  • Bus stop benches
  • Have your web address printed on mouse pads (give one to your clients at Christmas or on their birthday instead of sending flowers)
  • T-shirts (white T-shirts can be imprinted with a one-color design for a nominal price). Think about how great it will make you feel to see YOUR web address “walking around town”.

    Search engines are NOT the “golden egg” these days as to how people will find your website (as was the case five years ago)! Many more people are visiting websites where they have seen the web address in writing. Why do you think so many television commercials these days always include the web address of the product they are promoting?

    These tips will do wonders for increasing the amount of traffic to your website, which of course, is what we ALL want to achieve!

    For Real Estate Professionals
    Think the internet isn’t necessary? Think it’s only a “fad”? Think you can’t prosper from it? Think again!

    “Technology” should be a line item on your budget just like advertising, dues or education!

    Buy your domain name, i.e., – that’s how people know you! Use it!

    For email, have your email set up to reflect your domain name — is so much more professional than something like!

    Your web site should be fast loading.

    You (or your web site designer) should market the website

    Visitors should be able to navigate your website with ease.

    If yours is a brokerage, there should be individual page(s) for each agent with their listings and their bio. information.

    Your website should (at a very minimum), provide:
    •    Local informational links
    •    Schools information
    •    Local weather
    •    Local mortgage companies and banks
    •    Include your newsletter!

    Website Tidbits:
    •    People search for “homes” most often…. then “homes in ‘state’”, etc.
    •    People will use the website
    •    2-3% of all Americans over the age of 12 use the Internet
    •    60% of US internet users prefer reading emails to reading ordinary mail
    •    70% of buyers & sellers use internet
    •    35-45% of buyers are skipping newspaper ads and going to the internet!

    Advertise your web address:
    •    On just listed/just sold cards
    •    In Newsletters
    •    In Open House invitations

    Typical Internet Buyer:
    •    Educated
    •    Above average income
    •    Buy more expensive homes
    •    Look at fewer homes
    •    Make decisions faster
    •    11% more like to do business with agent from internet contact

    Internet Prospects:
    o    Instant access to large amounts of information
    o    Anonymity
    o    To save time To save money by becoming educated
    •    Hate
    o    Confusing sites
    o    Slow loading pages
        Your Strategy
    o    Don’t try to control your visitors
    o    Get their name and their email address
    o    Don’t send too much email
    o    Load up site with as much information as possible
    o    What buyers want to know about (i.e., Lexington area, etc.)
    o    Use auto-responders to respond to all emails.
    •    What is your E-Marketing Strategy?
    o    Website is the centerpiece of your e-marketing
    o    Allows superior marketing of listings
    o    Virtual home tours!
    •    Website functions as a listing tool
    o    Redesign listing presentation to include your e-marketing strategy
    o    Put your listing presentation on your website
    o    Offer a “featured property” status – this receives more hits than other pages
    •    Website creates a Better Relationship with Clients
    o    Increased communication via email
    o    Regular seller activity report – email to clients
    o    Easy for seller to help you market his home
    o    Email the flyer to seller as well if they have a computer/printer – they can print flyers to put in the yard sign box or leave on the kitchen table
    •    Website helps you Prospect for Buyers
    o    Sends prospects information about homes for sale
    •    Website gives your Buyers better service
    o    Maps
    o    School reports
    o    Mortgage information
    o    Pictures
    o    Property comparisons
    o    Real estate articles on site (i.e., buying 1st home, homes in Lexington, etc.)
    o    Real estate news
    o    Weather
    •    Website – Aftermarket from Your Website
    o    Send friend one-page letter to help with some aspect of home ownership (i.e., property taxes assessments, etc.).
    o    Cost effective & time effective
    o    Are you ready to get on the Internet Band Wagon? Are you ready to start getting Your share of the profits? Then, RB Design Studio is ready, willing and able to help you with your Internet Presence!
    Websites designed with the Client in Mind!
    RB Design Studio, LLC

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