Already have a website, but don’t know how to use it to your advantage? Here are some basic tips to help you get started!

Search Engine Optimization

Make sure customers can find you on Google! The following are important aspects of SEO which help Google robots, called “crawlers”, list your site higher in global search results:

  • Give each page of your website a relevant Title (this should NOT be an image)
  • Each page should also have a short Description (160 characters or less) that can be seen under the title in search results
  • Make sure the images on each page have their Alt Tags specified (with a short phrase describing the image)
  • Text content on every page will allow crawlers to see page content and rank it accordingly
  • XML Sitemaps are a copy of your website made specifically for crawlers. They will add extra cost but will give your site that extra boost in search results!

Social Media

Customers often find services online. Use some of these tips to increase your social media presence!

  • Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are great user-friendly platforms with millions of viewers
  • Add one post a day to your social media outlets
  • Keep posts short & sweet, or use images to add interest
  • Link to your website in every post
  • Don’t forget about email!
  • Events should include maps, dates, and links to payment pages
  • Some post ideas: new products, industry tips, latest deals, infographics, memes

Paid Advertising

When simpler options just won’t cut it, try these dependable advertising providers to get your project up and running, fast!

  • Before you pay for advertising, add Google Analytics to your website to better understand your users’ demographics
  • Pay for one campaign at a time, until you know which campaigns work
  • Look to popular forums, blogs, or local websites in your business sector as sources for new customers
  • Some great advertising options: Google AdWords, Facebook, Yelp, LinkedIn, BuzzFeed

Search engines are great, but many people find websites offline, too! Try some of these marketing locations in addition to Google:

Business Cards

Newsletters (Email or Print)

Fax Cover Sheets

Letterhead & Envelopes

Email Signature

Neighborhood Directories

Mouse Pads

Company Brochures

Bumper Stickers

Company Voicemail


Your Resume

Local Bulletin Boards

Bus Stop Benches

What do your users want? Here are some tips for helping users enjoy your website:

The Marketable Website:

  • Loads immediately
  • Provides useful information relevant to your business
  • Lists contact information
  • Engages the user
  • Has less text and more colors & images
  • Shows users why they are there

The Unmarketable Website:

  • Loads slowly, or displays programming errors
  • Confuses the user with hard-to-find links & information
  • Requires lots of reading
  • Has popups or obnoxious advertisements
  • Looks uncoordinated or messy
  • Contains redundant or useless information


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