Success Stories

“The website that you designed for me has catapulted our cattery into the Bengal world spotlight. I get told by almost every client that they chose to contact us because of our website being so professionally put together. I have had some t-shirts made with our logo and some blankets to go in our kitten go home kits.

So many Bengal breeders have commented on the logo I can’t even count. Most don’t realize it is my actual logo and ask the lady who does the blankets for the exact same thing in theirs. She tells me all the time how many people she has to tell that they can’t have that design because it is my logo. I couldn’t be happier with what you and your staff have done for us.”

Jill Smith

Owner, Jensayla Bengals

I have served with Rhonda on a Board of Directors for several years, her expertise has been priceless to us!

Cathy S.

President at Ad-Venture Promotions, Ad-Venture Promotions

RB Design Studio LLC is the only website design firm that I would ever use. My web business has been very successful and in a large part, I owe RB Design Studio for their help in designing and maintaining my website.

Polly Singer

Couture Hats and Veils

I met Rhonda a few months ago and I cannot begin to tell you how much easier she has made my life as a property owner & manager since she developed my web site. Prior to meeting Rhonda, I had a web site that was very basic and was not serving my needs well at all. Rhonda’s work took things to the “next level” for me–I only wish that I had met her much earlier!

If you have not seen the web site that Rhonda designed for me, then I would encourage you to visit it sometime… is very impressive. I only have one web site, but you can get there via a few different web addresses:,, or

Rhonda has been managing my website for about 10 years. She is very prompt in responding to any request that I make and offers great ideas about my website. I also feel that her charges are very reasonable.

Robin D.

Associate Professor at Georgetown University

The web site has several great features that, at the end of the day have (a) saved me a great deal of time by not having to answer the same question over and over to numerous prospective renters and (b) have helped me make money via the rental application process–I have taken in more than $2,000 so far just from application fees. Rhonda does quality work and she is very responsive to her clients’ needs and requests. Trust me……..check my web site out and then give her a call……’ll thank me later!

Matt jones

Bluegrass Rental Properties

When it came time for me to develop a website for my new business, RB Design Studio was my first call. I wanted a clean design and easy navigation, which is exactly what they gave me in a fast, no hassle way. Anytime I want to make a change or addition, they are quick to respond and have shown me how to make basic copy changes on my own.

Mary Hemlepp

President and CEO, Mary Hemlepp Marketing & Communications

RB Design Studio is an excellent choice for website design. Rhonda and her staff have great customer service and they work extremely hard to satisfy the customer. Wonderful response time.

Dottie H.

Owner, ProjexPlus+ LLC

Thanks Rhonda–I LOVE OUR WEBSITE!! We receive wonderful comments!!

Marilyn Santulli

Just thought I’d let you know that the website has been very successful in gaining clients for the farm. Last week we acquired 4 new boarders and 3 of them found us on the net. So just thought I’d send a thank you, and say that we are very happy with the site, and have had several compliments.


RBDesign Studio designed a great web site for me in 2001 that took my business from local to nationwide. Whenever I need updates or revisions Rhonda and her expert team provide excellent service.

Clelie B.

Newborn Care Specialist, The Temporary Nanny

I first met Rhonda about 10 years ago when having my own website was just a dream. I was referred to her from Clelie Bourne. I didn’t have anything but a basic idea about what I wanted to say. Rhonda let me express myself and built a site around that information. I have changed it through the years and recently, being a small business where every penny counts, helped me to convert to web design I could do the changes. Over the years she has designed sites for many nanny friends. Thanks!

Donna R.

Sole Proprietor, The Traveling Nanny