The image on the left is of 3 slides scanned from Vietnam war 1967-1969. The image on the right is the third of the slides, dated Sept. 1968, after it was digitally scanned.

Do you have old 35 mm slides and/or print negatives laying around or in boxes or buried in the attic or basement? We are now offering a slide scanning to digital service. We can provide them to you on USB thumb drive or DVD. You can then print or create movies or simply share on social media!

We can provide other services related to the images as desired. Just ask.

We just finished scanning over 600, 35 mm slides to digital for a Vietnam Veteran from 1967-1969.

Don’t let those precious memories die and fade away (which they will)!

Prices starting at $99.99 for 1 slide carousel or 100 slides.
Color correction also available if desired.

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